(Softer Sessions for Sensitive Souls/Do you Come Here Often?)
Are you aware that something is missing in your life? You can’t quite put your finger on precisely what it is. A sense of disconnect; a disquieting feeling of something gone awry. That, my fledging pervert, is your dull existence. There is a gaping void. It could be your arse hole, but I think it’s more likely that your fetishes are not being accommodated. You possibly don’t know what your fetishes are yet.

Put yourself in my capable hands. 

A beginner’s session will begin with a conversation. Like all successful transactions, it’s import to be very clear from the start what both parties expect. This helps avoid any unnecessary confusion or awkwardness. 

I’ve listed some of the popular session themes that are requested by beginners to the scene. Sessions sometimes involve a combination of two or more, dependent on time restrictions, and thresholds – pain and my boredom threshold!


Do you like pain? (this encompasses such a huge amount of BDSM practices, I’m not going to go into any detail here, but two of the main ones are Corporal Punishment, with a cane, paddle etc, and CBT (cock and ball torture). I personally adore ball busting, but its slightly more niche and not many subs can take a good kicking sadly.

If yes, how much, and do you know what your pain threshold is like?


Do you like the idea of being restrained? To what extent? (restraint takes many forms in BDSM – from silk ties, to rope, right up to leather body bags or straight jackets). Restraint also covers techniques such as mummification (sometimes with clingfilm), or shibari (the art of Japanese rope bondage).


Are you interested in sensory deprivation? (hoods, headphones etc)


Are you a would-be anal slut? Are you craving a pounding from my big, black strap on (I have various sizes, from starter to Jaw Dropping Anal Annihilator)?


Do you want to be dressed in lingerie and ladies clothes? Would you like to have make-up applied, pick out a wig, and some heels, and be instructed in the art of being a woman? If this applies to you, come for a Sissification Session.


Do you have a penchant for feet/shoes/boots/stockings/hosiery? Foot fetish! I may allow you to worship my feet – naked or clad in boots or stilettos. Some lucky slaves get to give me a pedicure.

Once boundaries have been established, I will give you instructions. You will clearly be told what to do (I can’t stand subs floundering around, looking all bewildered in the dungeon, and generally getting in the way). 

 Book a session with me and let’s begin your adventure.

Any Other Questions? 

Questions I’m often asked:

1. Why don’t you share your face online?

Domination is not my main source of income. During the day in the week, I go to my office and have a ‘normal’ occupation. I am a manager with a team of staff, and it is vaguely connected to the law (no, I’m not a lawyer). This all means that when I work in the dungeon, it is because I want to. And if I’ve agreed to session with you, it means that you’ve passed several selection stages (for example, you’re not an illiterate misogynist, you’re happy to pay a deposit, and sound like you have a sense of humour, to name but a few). So what do I look like? I have shoulder length red hair. I’m slim but definitely not skinny. I have freckles. I have strong legs and small feet. I have been told I have a mischievous glint in my brown eyes. I like to wear latex, and leotards (they make very active sessions easier). I love heels and have a huge collection.

2. Do you actually enjoy domming or are you just doing it for the money?

I cannot think of anything that I would rather do with my spare time. Seriously. I enjoy it hugely. I often spend a large portion of sessions laughing and/or talking. I meet some seriously interesting and entertaining people. I occasionally meet some troubled souls, but I like to think, despite being a dominatrix, that through my sessions I build people up rather than knock them down. I get to ask all sorts of personal questions (I’m super nosy and a great listener). It is a real insight into human nature, psyches and fetishes. I am always learning too, for which one should always strive.

3. Do you offer discounts for students/cheap-ass motherfuckers?

No. Never. Nope. Not going to happen. Don’t embarrass yourself by asking. Students – this is not a hobby that your student loan will cover. Maybe come back when you’ve graduated.

4. What is your favourite type of session?

I love to ball-bust. I enjoy latex. I like to use rope. Corporal punishment is fun. Strap-ons are amusing. I think the key to an enjoyable session is when the sub hands over complete control to me. I will always discuss the content of the session beforehand, so you will not be beaten heavily if you are not a masochist.

5. Have you always been a pervert?

I have always had a liberated attitude to sexuality if that’s what you mean! Plus domination is not necessarily about sex.

6. Can you send me nudes?

Only my boyfriend gets nudes!

7. Do you offer skype sessions?

Meh. If you offer to pay me enough. I find them quite tedious to be perfectly honest and really prefer the real world. Still I appreciate that some of you may be geographically challenged, so make me an offer. Moreover, make it interesting, and who knows?

8. Can I bring my girlfriend/wife/whoever to a session?

Absolutely! Some of the best sessions have been with a partner or girlfriend present.

9. Can I bombard you with endless emails/text/phone calls?

What do you think? I have been known to administer lashes with a cane for each email or text received. So bear this in mind. Be succinct, interesting, witty, and courteous and for fuck’s sake, use spell check. Oh, and do not use text talk.

10. Can I be your number one slave?

My current number one slave has recently received that title and the accompanying contract. I have known and sessioned with him for over 3 years. He is a gentleman and perfectly behaved. He is incredibly reliable and practical and always ready to serve or assist me. Crucially he is very intuitive, and often surprises me with errands and gifts without me having to ask. It takes a rare sub to earn this honour.

Lambs to the Slaughter

Normally, a review would be written by a sub attending a dungeon, post-session. However, because I make the rules, I’m writing my own review of the Fetish Emporium’s Strap on and Fisting Party on 7th June 2017, and rather generously sharing a snapshot of the day’s events. Picture, if you will, the scene.

 13 men.

 Lambs to the slaughter? Perhaps. Definitely wide-eyed with a combination of anticipation, excitement and nerves. Some of them are seasoned pros, frequent visitors to mistresses and their dungeons; used to the feel of total domination that comes from a comprehensive fisting. The novices, unsure of the protocol, stand edgily in clusters for comfort.

 They have been ordered to remove their clothes, which have been bagged and secured in another room.

 Waiting, they exchange looks with each other, not daring to speak, fearful of enraging one of the Mistresses. They keep their heads below the parapet.

 They have handed over their bodies, and more specifically their arses, to the incredible Mistresses of The Fetish Emporium, and are waiting to have enemas, in preparation for their anal annihilation. For those of you who have managed to lead lives unfettered by enemas prior to anal play, the process involves the flushing out of the lower bowel with water to remove any ‘detritus’. It is essential for a good strap on or fisting session. I do not do scat, and I certainly do not want shit all over my Louboutin’s. A good clear out also makes the experience more effective for the ‘fistee’.

 Once the subs have been prepped, they are split up and taken into separate rooms in the dungeon. Some are collared. Some have hoods or blindfolds put on them. Others are made to simply kneel in a corner. One is placed on all fours in the medical room annexe, his skinny white arse exposed. A hand-held electrical fucking machine or ‘fuck-saw’ is on the floor next to him. None of the subs are allowed to stand or talk, unless commanded to do so.

 Whilst allowing my slave to worship my feet, seated in a throne, I observe the unfolding scene. One of the subs is forced to eat a banana out of another’s ass. Another sub, who has never attended one of the Fetish Emporium’s parties before, is made to suck a slave’s cock, whilst one of the Mistresses fucks him hard with a large dildo.  

 Other vignettes taking place include a sub on all fours with a mouth dildo, being made to fuck the arse of another. A further sub is suspended in a swing, at arse-fucking height of course, and is used by several Mistresses at once. He noisily ‘complains’, but is mocked for doing so.

 An experienced sub has requested that all the Mistresses fist him in turn. Everyone obliges of course. Whilst I fist him, we discuss the differences in technique, knuckle width, and finger reach. He is a seasoned fistee, and his arse accepts all the fists greedily.  

 After the last subs have left (after being instructed to clean the dungeon and all equipment until it is spotless), it is time for all the Mistresses to relax. If you have never spent a day wearing a latex catsuit, the relief of peeling it off – your body wet with sweat, patches of sticky lube all over your thighs – is delightful. I am sure you’d like me to go into detail about 8 Mistresses, naked, relaxing post-party wouldn’t you? I will leave that to your fevered imagination….

The Fetish Emporium (Manchester) Fisting & Strap On Party 

On the 7th June 2017, 10 Mistresses will gather at The Fetish Emporium, Manchester, for a full day of all out anal assault. You’ve been warned – The Fetish Emporium Manchester Mistresses are all highly skilled, sadistic and very experienced.

Presenting the full cast:
Mistress Saphire

Mistress Sheba

Mistress Eclipse

Mistress Sarah Jessica

Miss Buffy Brown

Miss Kitty 

Princess Aurora 

Miss Ruby Marks

And myself, of course.

Will you be there? I do hope so.

Advance bookings through application only:

Tribute for a whole day of play will be £250 a deposit is required upon booking your very limited place. 

Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole


Latex Lovers

For those of you that love a latex clad Mistress – especially this one. Here is my shopping guide – you may be needing it.

Latex, by nature is more or less made to order. There are a number of UK based studios that have been at the head of the scene for a long time, they all provide great service, great quality and exquisite design. 

Latex is not cheap – in fact, reassuringly expensive. Its alluring, seductive and powerful properties make it perfect for the dungeon, but can also be worn in the boardroom – I’ve done it. 

(A simple pencil skirt – not the catsuit of course). 
Here are a few of of my favourite designers and brands, some more established than others. Happy viewing.


An exceptionally strong design aesthetic, one of the very first established latex brands in London. Definitive, bespoke and beautifully crafted. A powerhouse of latex fashion and still the undisputed champion of fetish and latex clothing.

We bring a strong and creative design ethos to this technique, and couple it with excellent pattern cutting, and immaculate manufacturing standards, creating all our output in our own studios in London’s fashionable East End. 


The most fashion driven brand on the market, where fetish meets high end design. North London based brand with a list of very high profile wearers – exquisite manufacture with a sensual design sensibility. Always so beautiful.

Our clothing is designed for women who wish to look and feel beautiful, feminine and strong. Atsuko Kudo provides individual garments and complete ensembles for the bedroom, the salon, the night club, the cat walk, the red carpet and any other preferred location.


A staple in my wardrobe, very well designed and construction with excellent finish. Great variety of items and excellent customer service.

We offer over 1,000 different styles ranging from latex bras and lingerie, hoods, corsets, dresses, stockings, tops, pants and shorts, through to rubber skirts, aprons and kilts, and of course the famous Libidex latex catsuits – our speciality! 


Another wardrobe staple – excellent fit, cut and quality. Strong design in a variety of styles, perfect for the dungeon. 

English designer and manufacturer of latex clothing. Handmade latex dresses, rubber corsets, latex catsuits, skirts, stockings and lingerie.


Another fashion focussed brand combining contemporary ideas with craftsmanship, manufacturing skill and know how. A very unique approach to latex style and fetishwear. Look at for the couture range.

Expanding on the Syren Fashion aesthetic, and catering to their growing cinema clientele, Syren Couture focuses on providing studio services. Known for the unparalleled caliber of its designs and craftsmanship, all Syren Couture garments are handcrafted by skilled artisans using only the highest quality materials.


Quirky, modern, humouress and beautifully executed latex clothing. Again, a very high quality product with sophistication and style. Perfect for the boardroom.

William is a London based designer and costumier who specialises in exquisite hand-made latex rubber clothing and accessories. Lavish and unprecedented, his collections are cut and hand-glued from latex rubber and have been extremely well received on account of their quality and style. 


Less known on the latex and fetish scene, a unique and stylish sensibility by designer, Stacey Black. Each item is handmade in her London based, studio/ atelier. I’ve not seen the quality of this but I’m fascinated by the combination of ideas.

I’m interested in creating beautiful items that transcend the fashion/fetish/costume/art labels and satisfy me creatively, while also appealing to others and becoming items to cherish and wear with pride for years to come. 


Perfect for my latex supervillain alter ego, Queen Electrabitch, this relatively new entry to the scene creates all the tension and drama associated with London’s underground, creative and subversive fetish scene. I just love it.

Established 2012 Dayne Henderson is a latex designer like no other, recognized for his unique take on the subversive world of latex fashion. With his work having a running theme of identity or rather a ‘lack of it’ Dayne is captivated by the concept that his clothes take over the wearer.

Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole

Queen Electrabitch (Manchester Dominatrix)

Manchester Mistress Natasha’s Divine Essentials

Want to know how to warm a cold heart?

Read on.

We all like gifts, and a very good gift can soften the coldest of hearts.

Their are some simple ways to win over my affections. Servitude and tributing is one thing, a fundamental duty, but lavishing me with gifts can also lead to the desired effect – as long as the gift measures up of course.

I wouldn’t be so mean as to keep you guessing which type gift to purchase me – so I’ve made you a list.

Feel free to use your imagination.

Manchester Mistress Natasha’s Divine Essentials 

Once you’ve found and purchased a suitable item, I will send you the delivery address. 

Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole


A Forced Shutdown – Sensory Deprivation

The quieter you become, the more you can hear…


I’m not sure I can explain just how much I adore having a restrained, immobile, helpless body at my feet….but I’ll try.

 It’s well known that sensory deprivation has been used as a method of torture by the military for a long time. Long-term sensory deprivation is known to cause physical and mental exhaustion, anxiety, depression and even hallucinations.

However, (bear with me) and this is the crux of the matter, short-term sessions of sensory deprivation are incredibly beneficial, relaxing and similar to meditation. It can have the same effect on the brain as some anti-anxiety drugs; I am aware that this sounds like a sadist trying to convince a submissive to hand themselves over to my latex-gloved hands, but nothing says ‘mutually beneficial’ like a thorough SD session.  

Give yourself freely to me. Allow me to remove you from all external stimuli. Allow your mind to slow down, be free from distraction, become untethered to your body, and enter sub space* (of which more later). Experience a purer sense of being. Dormant creativity can be reignited. Stagnant areas of your brain will be kick started into action.

There are different modus operandi I like to employ. I may place subs in a leather body bag, complete with a hood of my choice (with breath restricting capability if I feel that is necessary). I may choose to play music; I may not. I may leave the sub immobile for an unspecified period of time. (Being ignored is a gift that only the finest Dommes can bestow correctly).

Sometimes mummification may be required, which renders even the most fidgety sub completely prone. I love to use cling film. Very satisfying. I decide which body parts are left unwrapped for me to torment.

Occasionally I will suspend the sub, after firmly securing the leather straps. A hood will be worn.

You may of course be strapped to the rotating St Andrew’s cross (few things give me more pleasure in life than seeing an inverted, naked sub).
*Sub space occurs when a slave has completely given control to me. I have broken them down as much as I want to. They do not exist as anything other than in relation to me. The real world ceases to matter or even exist as a tangible entity. Sub space is an intense place to be, and can take some time to come out of after a session. You may feel light-headed and disorientated. You may be lucky enough to find yourself there if you’re brave enough to enter my chamber.

Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole©

Ballbusting & Ballboxing

It is true, Ballbusting is one my favourite and most sadistic pastimes.

Mistress Natasha Poole vs Andrese Dipre

Quite frankly, not many of you have the ‘cajunas’ to endure my expectations. Disappointing. Those of you that think otherwise, step forward – I will destroy you. I have a range and selection of suitable leather boots for every occasion.

In terms of Ballboxing, 15 rounds,  Queensbury rules and you’re in big trouble. To use your testicles as a punch bag is very amusing. I always ask for 3 x 3 minute rounds. Very few have lasted – a first round stoppage is usually the outcome. I’m now at a very healthy 32-0.

I’m happy to have your ordeal filmed, edited and delivered. Happy busting.

Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole

Speed Caning! 

Are the demands of modern living weighing heavily on you? Are you pushed for time? Do you feel that life is slipping by in a blur of meetings, deadlines and reports? Do you need some stress relief?

Mistress Natasha Poole is here to help.

Before you hurry home to face your familial responsibilities, why not pop into my bespoke chambers for a Post Work Speed Corporal Punishment Session. 30 minutes of blissful caning, spanking, whipping or flogging (or a combination of all!).

The throb from your stinging buttocks will provide the reminder you need that life shouldn’t be all work-work-work.

Email or telephone 07379378685 to make a booking.



My Rules

Note the following rules:

• Address me as Mistress AT ALL TIMES.

• Be on time. You will lose time from your session if you turn up late, but still be liable for the full tribute.

• Be polite and respectful. Manners maketh the man!

• A gift is not essential, but will always ingratiate you with me. I love nice red wine, a decent bourbon, new stockings or lingerie (I’m a 34C, size 12).

• Turn up clean and well presented. If you are arriving straight from work, you may use the shower upon arrival.

• Tell me if you can be marked or not.

• Communication is essential before, during and after a scene.

• If a safeword is needed, it will always be LOBSTER. Don’t ask me why. It just is.

• I love to role play. Tell me your ideas and I’ll decide if they are worth pursuing.

• I ask a lot of questions. The more I know about your history and proclivities the more rewarding the session will be for all concerned.

• Respect my privacy, as I will yours.