About Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole

We are all governed by the Tyranny of Lust. The question is, how far are you willing to submit?

My life is multi-faceted and complicated. During the working week, I am to be found in my office, attending board meetings, drafting legal documents, being corporate and ‘sensible’.  In the evenings and at weekends however, I come into my own. 

I am Mistress Natasha, a professional experienced female dominatrix based in Manchester. I specialise in Bondage, Whipping, Trampling, Foot Worship, Chastity Control, Breath Play, Gags and Hoods, Water Sports, Strap on Play, Face Sitting, Role Playing, Sensory Deprivation, Nipple Torture, Cock & Ball Torture, Face Slapping, Ball Busting, and Verbal Humiliation.

But, I’m very fussy, I only session with those whom I believe to be honest, sincere, generous and truly submissive. I prefer quality over quantity, I have no time for wasters, payday timewasters, troublemakers, hagglers, blaggers, alphas, bargain hunters, bullshitters, wafflers, neanderthals or Audi driving, tailgate wankers! I have better things to do with my precious and valuable time. 

I am a University educated, life-experienced, redhead, with an interest in vintage erotic art and literature with excellent taste in music. Music is the backdrop to my life and is ever present during my sessions.

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Call me respectfully.

Those using hands free, you will be extinguished. Withheld numbers will not be answered and don’t bother texting unless your manner is impeccable.

I will make your dreams or nightmares come true – you’ll wonder how you lived without me.

Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole


07379 378685

4 thoughts on “About Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole

  1. Words cannot express how beautiful Mistress Natasha is.
    It was the greatest of pleasures and the highest of honours to serve Her, a privilege that will never be surpassed.


  2. Thought I should write a review regarding a session I had recently, mistress is well spoken, well educated when she opened the front door, the first time I saw mistress standing there dressed in latex. The session was exactly what I wanted a sign that mistress had read my interests & dislikes. The chambers are the best I have visited with clothing & equipment for any kind of session the only bad thing was the session went over to quickly. As long as mistress allows me I will certainly be visiting again.x


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