My Rules

Note the following rules:

• Address me as Mistress AT ALL TIMES.

• Be on time. You will lose time from your session if you turn up late, but still be liable for the full tribute.

• Be polite and respectful. Manners maketh the man!

• A gift is not essential, but will always ingratiate you with me. I love nice red wine, a decent bourbon, new stockings or lingerie (I’m a 34C, size 12).

• Turn up clean and well presented. If you are arriving straight from work, you may use the shower upon arrival.

• Tell me if you can be marked or not.

• Communication is essential before, during and after a scene.

• If a safeword is needed, it will always be LOBSTER. Don’t ask me why. It just is.

• I love to role play. Tell me your ideas and I’ll decide if they are worth pursuing.

• I ask a lot of questions. The more I know about your history and proclivities the more rewarding the session will be for all concerned.

• Respect my privacy, as I will yours.

Manchester Mistress Natasha’s A-Z

Mistress Natasha’s A to Z of Demonic Debauchery
• Anal Training Butt plugs. Strap on. If you can imagine it, it’s probably going in your ass. Let’s see what you can handle.


• Ball Busting One of my all-time favourite pastimes. Can you handle it though? Beginning with some patting, graduating to smacking, and culminating in full punches or a well-placed knee or shoe.

• Boxing session I like to punch, especially when I’m wearing my Lonsdales. Brace yourself.


• Bondage St Andrew’s cross or suspension suit – I have a variety of ways to restrain you.


• Breath play I have a variety of tools to starve you of oxygen.

• Caged You’ll become my pet, occasionally released for my amusement.


• CBT (cock and ball torture) Doing evil things to your precious family jewels.

• Chasity key holding Bring your own cock cage and I will lock you in and keep the key.


• Cling film body wrapping for when I want you totally immobile.

• Corporal Punishment For particularly naughty boys.


• Domestic Servitude Hugely popular. I always have domestic work for slaves to do. Note: you will actually need to be pretty adept with a Dyson. I do NOT tolerate lazy maids.

• Extended or overnight sessions I can cage you for a whole night, by prior arrangement.


• Face Sitting If I like your face/if I don’t like your face, I might sit on it. The most blissful way to suffocate.

• Face Slapping Intense. You will know I mean business if it gets to this stage.

• Feet I have two. If I feel like it, you may be required to give them a massage. Or a pedicure.


• Human Furniture I always need somewhere to put my feet up after a long session. And I never can seem to find an ashtray (see *smoking).

• Latex I love to wear it. I also have a penchant for corsets. And thigh high boots. Yes, I know it’s all a tad clichéd, but I don’t care.


• Medical Sessions The nurse will see you now. A thorough check-up awaits you in my purpose built doctor’s surgery.

• Milking I have machines to milk you automatically and drain you completely


• Music I have excellent taste in music and I prefer to work to a soundtrack. We can discuss your musical preferences, but if they suck, I’m not using your playlist!

• Nipples Purely existing for me to pinch, clamp, bite and twist.

• Orgasm Denial/Ruining Very mean/very funny.

• OTK Spanking I’m not sure how I can describe in words exactly how much I enjoy this.

• Pain You may know your pain threshold, you may not. One thing is for certain, by the end of the session we will both know how far you can go.


• POT (post orgasm torture) Painful. Apparently.

• Prohibited Do not ask me for sex – that is not going to happen. Also I will not partake in scat play.

• Puppy Training What a good boy! Fetch! Etc ad infinitum. By arrangement, so you can bring some dog food.

– Queening. For my most loyal subs.


• Rack I have a rack, which you can be strapped into and stretched. Medieval torture fun!

• Schoolboy/girl Have you been very naughty? As your teacher, I will need to put you in detention (after you’ve dressed the part in school uniform). Bring me my cane.

• Sensory Deprivation including a latex body bag, which means you can’t see, hear, taste, smell or determine your own fate.


• Shibari trussed up like the last chicken in the shop.

• Sissification Who doesn’t love a makeover? I have a wide array of fabulous frou-frou designs, plus shoes in your size and a selection of flimsy lingerie and stockings. Wigs complete the look. Once suitably attired, I will begin your sissy training.


• Smoking All the cool girls smoke. Smoking fetishists are some of my favourite people.

• Spitting Your mother told you not to spit; I don’t care what your mother said. You may be lucky enough for me to spit into your worthless mouth.

• Tell Me Your darkest desires. I am not easily shocked.

• Tickling Torture Too much fun! I love to tickle a tied up sub.

• Trampling. See *boots. I like to wear stilettos because I like to leave my mark.


• Watersports. I may require you to wear a funnel hood if I’m feeling particularly mean.


• Wax Hot wax will be applied wherever I feel like dripping it. A delicious sensation.

• Worship Me Or my boots, feet, ass, legs, in fact anything I decide needs some praise for being generally phenomenal. Stocking and hosiery worshipping is a favourite.

– Zapped. I can electrify your extremities.