How to book a session

To book a session contact Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole by phone: 07379 378685

Or by email:

I will need to know:

• likes, dislikes (hard limits) and preferences for a session

• preferred session date, time and duration

• whether you have visited a Professional Mistress before

• any medical conditions which may be a factor

All sessions to be carried out in a fully equipped and serviced dungeon in the Manchester area – you will find your stay most uncomfortable.

On occasion, I have need of an obedient Sissy Maid. You will tribute for the privilege of cleaning my Victorian home and pay the wicked price for poor cleaning skills. My standards are exemplary.

Sessions and scenes will be discussed beforehand, along with soft/hard limits, and the necessity (or not) of a safe word.


Novices are most welcome – I enjoy breaking them in!
Having dealt with many beginners (those terrified specimens quaking in their shoes at the prospect of spending time in my company), I understand, I really do, the myriad feelings prior to a session.

Your heart will be thudding in your chest, your palms will be sweating, your mouth will be dry. Your breath might be uncertain. Your stomach will be churning.

But, trust me (I’m a Dominatrix!), I will put you at ease (just enough, not too much). As well as being a phenomenal woman, I’m also a pretty good human being, I love people and I love to talk. We can talk about the session briefly before getting into the scene.

Post-session, you will not be able to get me out of your head.

And remember, adrenalin is your friend…

Before we meet

I need to know if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medication.

We will discuss your fetishes and desires – note that desires are just that, and possibly won’t become realities, unless those desires tie in with my own wishes for a scene.

What to expect in a session
You will be led into a waiting room by my assistant. When I am ready to receive you, you will be summoned into the room we are holding the session in.

After introductions, we will discuss the scene. We will also establish the need, or not, for a ‘safe word’.

I’ll ensure you are feeling ok before you re-enter the real world. Subs sometimes feel quite ‘spaced out’ and light headed after an intense session (especially if you have been restrained for a long time). We may share a drink or a cup of tea if you are tolerable company.

Safe/unsafe practices
I do not cut, indulge in needle play, or do hard sports (scat).

Below is a list of my specialities.  It is not exhaustive.  Tell me your fantasies and if they interest me, we can discuss further.



CBT: Cock and Ball Torture

Chastity Control

Corporal Punishment: Canes, crops, paddles, whips

Face Slapping

Gags and Hoods

Glove Worship

Human Punchbag


Makeup and Maid Training

Objectification – Human furniture

Nipple Torture


Foot fetish

Puppy Training

High Heel Shoe & Boot Fetish

Sensory Deprivation: Blindfolds, hoods, ear plugs





Water Sports

Wax Play

Human Ashtray

Over the Knee (OTK Spanking)

Head Mistress

Evil Boss

Sadistic Governess


Contact me on the following email address. I will only respond to serious enquiries.
You may call with the utmost respect.

Those using hands free, you will be extinguished (wanking is not permitted). Withheld numbers will not be answered and illiterate texts will be ignored, I may respond to those with impeccable manners.

+44 (0)7379 378685

The correct phonecall etiquette is:

‘Good morning/afternoon/evening Mistress Natasha. My name is _______ and I would be most grateful if you will allow me the opportunity to book a session with you at your convenience.’

Thank you. 

Manchester Mistress Natasha Poole